129 Holdom Station

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Service information

Part of route 129 — Patterson Station / Holdom Station.

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Effective from 2021-01-04 to 2021-04-11.

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Route summary

129 Holdom Station departs from Patterson Station @ en route to Holdom Ave @ Lougheed Highway via Patterson Ave @ Kingsway, Barker Ave @ Grange St, Patterson Ave @ Sardis St, Patterson Ave @ Bond St, Patterson Ave @ Burke St, Patterson Ave @ Hazelwood Cres, Patterson Ave @ Castlewood Cres, Patterson Ave @ Moscrop St, Moscrop St @ Inman Ave, Smith Ave @ Moscrop St, Smith Ave @ Fir St, Smith Ave @ Spruce St, Kincaid St @ Smith Ave, Kincaid St @ Macdonald Ave, Gilmore Way @ Sanderson Way, Gilmore Way @ Canada Way, Gilmore Diversion @ Canada Way, Gilmore Diversion @ Myrtle St, Gilmore Ave @ Dawson St, Gilmore Ave @ Halifax St, Gilmore Ave @ 1 Ave, Gilmore Ave @ Kitchener St, Gilmore Ave @ William St, Gilmore Ave @ Parker St, Gilmore Ave @ Union St, Gilmore Ave @ Frances St, Hastings St @ Gilmore Ave, Hastings St @ Madison Ave, Hastings St @ Willingdon Ave, Hastings St @ Alpha, Hastings St @ Beta Ave, Hastings St @ Hythe Ave, Hastings St @ Springer Ave, Hastings St @ Howard Ave, Holdom Ave @ Hastings St, Holdom Ave @ Georgia St, Holdom Ave @ Parker St, Holdom Ave @ Charles St, and Holdom Ave @ Halifax St.