School Special

Route diagram is an approximation of the actual route. Please report any inaccuracies.

Service information

Part of route 254 — British Properties / Park Royal / Van.

WeekdaySaturdaySunday & Holiday

Effective from 2021-01-04 to 2021-04-09.

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Route summary

School Special departs from Chartwell Dr @ 1300 Block en route to Bonnymuir Dr @ Glenmore Dr via Chartwell Dr @ 1300 Block, Chartwell Dr @ Whitby Rd, Chartwell Dr @ Burnside Rd, Chartwell Dr @ Chippendale Rd, Chartwell Dr @ Sandhurst Pl, Crestwell Rd @ Chartwell Dr, Eyremount Dr @ Crestline Rd, Eyremount Dr @ Highland Dr, Eyremount Dr @ Hillside Rd, Eyremount Dr @ Elveden Row, Eyremount Dr @ Groveland Rd, Eyremount Dr @ Kenwood Rd, Eyremount Dr @ Farmleigh Rd, Eyremount Dr @ King Georges Way, Eyremount Dr @ Fairmile Rd, Fairmile Rd @ 600 Block, Fairmile Rd @ Southborough Dr, Southborough Dr @ Knockmaroon Rd, Southborough Dr @ King Georges Way, Robin Hood Rd @ King Georges Way, Robin Hood Rd @ Kenwood Rd, Saint Andrews Rd @ Barnham Rd, Saint Andrews Rd @ Hawstead Pl, Saint Andrews Rd @ Greenwood Rd, Saint Andrews Rd @ Saint Andrews Pl, Saint Andrews Rd @ Ballantree Rd, Saint Andrews Rd @ 500 Block, Bonnymuir Dr @ Unit Block, and Bonnymuir Dr @ Saint Giles Rd.