211 Burrard Station

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Service information

Part of route 211 — Seymour / Phibbs Exchange / Burrard Station.

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Effective from 2021-01-04 to 2021-04-11.

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This trip terminates at Burrard Station: a bus interchange.

Route summary

211 Burrard Station departs from Panorama Dr @ Naughton Ave en route to Burrard Station @ via Banbury Rd @ Gallant Ave, Deep Cove Rd @ Badger Rd, Deep Cove Rd @ 1400 Block, Deep Cove Rd @ Strathcona Rd, N Dollarton Highway @ Mt Seymour Parkway, N Dollarton Highway @ Caddy Rd, Dollar Rd @ N Dollarton Highway, Fairway Dr @ Dollar Rd, Fairway Dr @ Caddy Rd, Fairway Dr @ Huntingdon Cres, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Beaufort Rd, Mt Seymour Parkway @ 3900 Block, Mt Seymour Parkway @ 3800 Block, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Mt Seymour Rd, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Parkgate Ave, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Apex Ave, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Strathaven Dr, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Northlands Dr, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Broadview Dr, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Lytton St, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Berkley Rd, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Browning Pl, Mt Seymour Parkway @ Riverside Dr, Mountain Highway @ Fern St, Mountain Highway @ Charlotte Rd, Mountain Highway @ Rupert St, Phibbs Exchange @, Mcgill St @ N Renfrew St, Dundas St @ N Garden Dr, Powell St @ Commercial Dr, Main St @ Powell St, E Pender St @ Main St, W Pender St @ Carrall St, W Pender St @ Abbott St, W Pender St @ Hamilton St, W Pender St @ Richards St, W Pender St @ Granville St, and Howe St @ W Pender St.