172 Riverside

Route diagram is an approximation of the actual route. Please report any inaccuracies.

Service information

Part of route 172 — Coquitlam Central Station / Riverside.

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Effective from 2022-09-05 to 2023-01-01.

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Route summary

172 Riverside departs from Coquitlam Central Station @ Bay 13 en route to Southbound Fremont St @ Dominion Ave via Eastbound Lougheed Hwy @ Westwood St, Eastbound Lougheed Hwy @ Hastings St, Northbound Shaughnessy St @ Fraser Ave, Northbound Shaughnessy St @ Prairie Ave, Northbound Shaughnessy St @ Dorset Ave, Northbound Shaughnessy St @ Centennial Ave, Northbound Shaughnessy St @ Stirling Ave, Eastbound Lincoln Ave @ Flint St, Southbound Oxford St @ Lincoln Ave, Southbound Oxford St @ Laurier Ave, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Oxford St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ York St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Wellington St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Coast Meridian Rd, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Kilmer St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Norfolk St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Cedar Dr, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Skeena St, Eastbound Prairie Ave @ Fremont St, Southbound Fremont St @ Riverside Dr, Westbound Riverside Dr @ Skeena St, Westbound Riverside Dr @ Nechako Cres, Southbound Riverside Dr @ Parana Dr, Southbound Riverside Dr @ Riverwood Gate, Southbound Riverside Dr @ Riverside Close, Southbound Ottawa St @ Riverside Dr, Eastbound Dominion Ave @ Ottawa St, Eastbound Dominion Ave @ Hawkins St, and Eastbound Dominion Ave @ Fremont St.