134 Brentwood Station

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Service information

Part of route 134 — Lake City Station / Brentwood Station.

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Effective from 2021-01-04 to 2021-04-11.

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Route summary

134 Brentwood Station departs from Lake City Way @ Enterprise St en route to Brentwood Station @ via Lake City Way @ Venture St, Lake City Way @ Express St, Broadway @ Lawrence Dr, Broadway @ Phillips Ave, Bainbridge Ave @ Broadway, Bainbridge Ave @ Lougheed Highway, Sperling Station @, Broadway @ Kensington Ave, Sperling Ave @ Broadway, Sperling Ave @ Adair St, Sperling Ave @ Jordan Dr, Sperling Ave @ Halifax St, Sperling Ave @ Winch St, Sperling Ave @ Kitchener St, Sperling Ave @ Aubrey St, Sperling Ave @ Curtis St, Sperling Ave @ Union St, Hastings St @ Sperling Ave, Kensington Ave @ Hastings St, Curtis St @ Kensington Ave, Curtis St @ Fell Ave, Parker St @ Holdom Ave, Parker St @ Springer Ave, Delta Ave @ Parker St, Delta Ave @ Northlawn Dr, Delta Ave @ Southlawn Dr, Delta Ave @ Brentlawn Dr, Brentlawn Dr @ Beta Ave, Brentlawn Dr @ Fairlawn Dr, and Willingdon Ave @ Halifax St.