South Delta Exchange

Bay 1

15:21601 Bridgeport Station
15:33C89 S Delta Exchange
15:37601 Bridgeport Station
15:52601 Bridgeport Station
16:02C84 S Delta Exchange via Beach Grove
16:07601 Bridgeport Station
16:22601 Bridgeport Station
16:32C89 S Delta Exchange

Bay 2

15:24602 Tsaww Hts
15:35601 South Delta
15:35C84 English Bluff
15:39602 Tsaww Hts
15:40609 Tsawwassen First Nation
15:49601 South Delta
15:54602 Tsaww Hts
16:07604 English Bluff

Bay 3

15:35C84 English Bluff
16:10C89 Boundary Bay
16:35C84 English Bluff
17:10C89 Boundary Bay
17:35C84 English Bluff
18:10C89 Boundary Bay
18:35C84 English Bluff
19:10C89 Boundary Bay

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