SFU Exchange

Transit Exchange Bay 1

00:43145 Production Station
08:00145 Production Station
08:15145 Production Station
08:30145 Production Station
08:45145 Production Station
08:58145 Production Station
09:13145 Production Station
09:28145 Production Station

Transportation Centre Bay 1

00:4495 Burrard Station B-Line
00:45145 Production Station
01:22N35 Downtown NightBus
01:52N35 Downtown NightBus
02:22N35 Downtown NightBus
02:57N35 Downtown NightBus
03:23N35 Downtown NightBus
03:53N35 Downtown NightBus

Transit Exchange Bay 2

00:4295 Burrard Station B-Line
01:19N35 Downtown NightBus
01:49N35 Downtown NightBus
02:19N35 Downtown NightBus
02:54N35 Downtown NightBus
03:20N35 Downtown NightBus
03:50N35 Downtown NightBus
04:20N35 Downtown NightBus

Transportation Centre Bay 2

00:39145 SFU
00:4095 SFU B-Line
00:53144 SFU
01:0995 SFU B-Line
01:3995 SFU B-Line
02:1195 SFU B-Line
02:51N35 SFU NightBus
03:21N35 SFU NightBus

Transit Exchange Bay 3

07:45144 Metrotown Station
08:55144 Metrotown Station
09:25144 Metrotown Station
09:55144 Metrotown Station
10:25144 Metrotown Station
10:55144 Metrotown Station
11:25144 Metrotown Station
11:55144 Metrotown Station

Transportation Centre Bay 3

00:39145 SFU
00:54144 SFU
02:51N35 SFU NightBus
03:21N35 SFU NightBus
03:51N35 SFU NightBus
04:21N35 SFU NightBus
04:51N35 SFU NightBus
05:21N35 SFU NightBus

Transit Exchange Bay 4

No more service.

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