Bridgeport Station

Bay 3

00:13403 Three Road
00:38403 Three Road
01:20403 Three Road
01:45403 Three Road
02:59N10 Brighouse Station Via YVR
03:35N10 Brighouse Station Via YVR
04:03N10 Brighouse Station Via YVR

Bay 4

01:24N10 Downtown Via YVR NightBus
02:00N10 Downtown Via YVR NightBus
02:28N10 Downtown Via YVR NightBus

Bay 5

00:29407 Bridgeport
01:23407 Bridgeport

Bay 5A

No more service.

Bay 6

00:20601 South Delta
01:44601 South Delta

Bay 8

00:05351 White Rock Centre
01:00351 White Rock Centre
01:50351 White Rock Centre

Bay 10

23:54407 Gilbert
00:57407 Gilbert
01:53407 Lansdowne Station

Bay 11

No more service.

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