Make timetable for route C20 — Totem Park / UBC Exchange

RouteC20 — Totem Park / UBC Exchange

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59941 West Mall at Hawthorn Lane
59940 Stadium Rd at West Mall
59964 NW Marine Dr at Agronomy Rd
59587 Lower Mall at University Blvd
51925 NW Marine Dr at West Mall
59957 NW Marine Dr at East Mall
59946 Wesbrook Mall at Iona Dr
60040 UBC Exchange Bay 1
60040 UBC Exchange Bay 1
59937 Wesbrook Mall at University Blvd
51479 Wesbrook Mall at Agronomy Rd
51480 Wesbrook Mall at Thunderbird Blvd
51483 Wesbrook Mall at Hampton Pl
61579 Wesbrook Mall at Birney Ave
61893 Ross Dr at Birney Ave
61833 East Mall at Eagles Dr
59942 Thunderbird Blvd at Larkin Dr
59941 West Mall at Hawthorn Lane